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Lean Mini

OVH, 8ième étage, 1801 Avenue McGill College, Montréal H3A 1Z4

ورشة The best way to learn Lean Startup (or to be an entrepreneur) is to just do it!

In this mini-workshop, we’ll focus on the following:

  • Identifying and stating your most critical assumption
  • Identifying your top 2 market segments (the actionable ones)
  • Validating your value proposition or unfair advantage (whatever you are working with)

This mini-workshop will give you acces to Lean Startup coaches as well as the brain and entrepreneurial power of other participants.

Given we have a limited number of coaches this mini-workshop will be limited to 16 participants so reserve your spot now!

ورشة عمل استراتيجية العجاف More details to come.